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Copernico Science 14

Rue de la Science 14, 1040 Bruxelles


There is an urgent need to address challenges that Trans-Atlantic region faces, and to offer ways to overcome them. The old continent entered into a new phase in its history when Russia illegally annexed Crimea. Defence and security practitioners and academics revisit Cold War dynamics. Hybrid practises pose multi-dimensional threats to our nations and societies. The battlefield widens as new domains such as cyber and space have been added to the existing ones.
As means, NATO and the EU provide options for nations to tackle challenges with their unique capabilities.
However, to deal with these multi-faceted challenges and to keep up with the pace of change, adaptation and
cooperation is a must.
In light of these challenges and opportunities ahead, this event will bring together a group of experts, academics,
EU officials, and civil society to discuss pragmatic approaches to address the geopolitical obstacles facing the
transatlantic region. This discussion will not only consider how to strengthen the international institutions
competitive advantage, but also explore avenues for new approaches to security

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Welcome Remarks

Hasan SUZEN, President & CEO at Beyond the Horizon International Strategic Studies

Panel Session


Moderator: Kate Jackson, Project Manager at Brussels International Center for Research and Human Rights

Keynote Speaker: H.E. Ambassador Pascal Heyman, Permanent Representative of Belgium to NATO (TBC)

Challenges in and around Trans-Atlantic Region

Panellist: Jean De Ruyt, Senior Associate Fellow at Egmont Institute, formerly Ambassador of Belgium to Poland and Italy, Director General for Political Affairs in the Belgian Foreign Ministry and the Permanent Representative to WEU, NATO, the United Nations and the European Union. (TBC)

How NATO can adapt?

Panellist: Dr.Seth Johnston, Council on Foreign Relations International Affairs Fellow at the Center for European Studies at Harvard University and the author of “How NATO Adapts”.

Possible/promising areas of cooperation between NATO and the EU

Panellist: Prof.Steven Blockmans, Head of EU foreign policy at CEPS and Professor of EU External Relations Law and Governance at the University of Amsterdam.