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The BIC is thrilled to be a collaborating partner with this year`s Peace Conference in London, which is the most realistic, accurate and complete simulation of international negotiations to date.This conference will provide updated simulation that aims to train the next generation of diplomats to become increasingly nuanced as they unveil the intricacies of political compromise.


As recent estimates gauge 2,250+ active members within the British Model UN circuit, there is a gap within this growing market for a new style of conference. One based around peace negotiations, where the complex nature of the subjects and discussion are properly accounted for and taken into consideration, while realizing the political issues residing behind the negotiations table. 


The Peace Conference model strives to most accurately simulate Peace Negotiations as it combines new innovative features within the conference’s structure that allow for a dynamic response system to policies being developed and agreed upon, not only from the model negotiating teams, but from the internal population who will be commenting and proposing policies in an attempt to enlighten delegates as to how to choose effective reforms that please the majority. This will allow for delegates to understand the consequences of their decisions as decision makers.  

The Peace Conference 2019 will tackle:

Cyprus Negotiations (2010s)            Israel Palestine (1993)             South Africa Peace Talks (1993)


The conference is currently being organized by a collective Student Secretariat shouldering over 250 Model Conferences worth of combined experience. The Secretariat is currently operating in collaboration with United Nations Associations across the UK and Europe.


More information soon.

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