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Following the first event of the series on EU-Africa partnership in October, the Brussels International Center (BIC) is organizing a second  interactive round-table at the European Parliament on November 27th 2018 on the EU-Africa security partnership

On this occasion, the event ‘Leveraging a New Security Partnership with Africa’ will bring together a group of 25 experts, academics, and EU officials for an interactive conversation on how to improve African security financing and address the proposed European Peace Facility. The discussion will feature a presentation from Transparency International on their latest research on defense transparency in West Africa, which analyses corruption risks and vulnerabilities in the defense and security sector in the region.

Increasingly diversified security challenges in Africa remain the primary threat to instability.. Although security measures have improved, and military coups and civil wars have declined compared to the earlier days, Africa still has a long way to go to achieve the kind of security that supports sustainable development. The new G5 Sahel Joint Force is the latest example of a well-funded initiative that scratches the surface of the problem, but will inevitably fail because it ignores the critical issue of fiscal corruption in the Sahel’s defense and security sector.

In this way, this event will shed light on the current state of security in the African continent and how the European Union and Africa can collaborate to establish a solid partnership on this issue. The attending experts will debate and analyze the current multiple financial mechanisms and discuss ways in which to develop pragmatic strategies for both the MFF and post-Cotonou processes for a reformed approach to African security.


Confirmed Speakers include:


Mr. Domenico Rosa, Head of Unit, EU-AU & EU-ACP Strategic Partnerships, European Commission

Ms. Sonya Reines-Djivanides, Executive Director, European Peacebuilding Liaison Office

Dr. Karolina MacLachlan, Regional Program Manager- Europe, Transparency International Defense and Security


The BIC-rhr, through this series of interactive round tables hosted at the European Parliament, aims to reinforce the importance of a strong EU-Africa partnership, but also to inform several political processes that will impact African security in the short and long-term.

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