Submitted by Monzer Monzer on Tue, 10/09/2018 - 15:24

The Brussels International Center for Research and Human Rights in collaboration with Mrs. Cecile KYENGE MEP (S&D) are organizing an interactive round table at the European Parliament entitled:


New Players on the Field: The Impact of Emerging Actors in Africa

On Thursday October 11th 2018 from 5:30 till 7:30 pm, room A3H-1.


This event is the first in a series of initiatives that aims to discover effective ways in which to contribute to the success and advancement of the EU – AU partnership, in view of the post-Cotonou agreement. In this sense, ‘New Players on the Field’ will explore the many ways by which to serve the African civil community by gathering experts and decision makers with profound knowledge pertaining to the subject.

This interactive dialogue will analyze the joint efforts of the member states in facing pressing challenges such as geopolitical and security hurdles. But most importantly, how emerging players such as China are shaping traditional global power dynamics in the African continent, through multi-source funding, commerce, infrastructure investments and development aid.

Overall, this round table, hosted by the prominent Cécile Kyenge seeks to yield an interactive conversation between a panel of experts from academia, NGOs, EU institutions, private sector and embassies to analyze the varied impact of China's engagement in Africa on a regional and national level, and deconstruct broad narratives that too often present Africa as a homogeneous entity. Distinguished speakers include:

  • Ambassador Awad Sakine - AU Permanent Representative to the EU
  • Ambassador Birgitte Markussen - EEAS Deputy Managing Director for Africa
  • Ambassador Marc Otte - Belgian MFA
  • Prof. Dr. Xinning SONG - VUB, Renmin University of China
  • Mrs. Barbara Pesce Monteiro - Director of UNDP Representation Office Brussels

The Brussels International Center seeks to be a positive contributor in strengthening a EU-Africa partnership based on equal terms, but also to leverage our expertise to inform several political processes that will impact African dynamics.  In our conception, a stronger  partnership between the EU and Africa is an effective part in creating a more sustainable future  to the African continent in general and its diverse population in particular.