Phoebus Tailoring Workshop: Week Seven!

Submitted by Kate Jackson on Wed, 11/28/2018 - 11:24

By the request of our participants, we held an additional workshop at the BIC office. Our participants worked together to design and build elements of the Phoebus Gown. We will assemble all of the final components next Wednesday at Studio Malika.

We were also rejoined by Ahmad, a refugee from Afghanistan. The group enjoyed an interesting and well-prepared presentation on the elements of men's shirt design. He brought in a number of example pieces, such as cuffs and a collar, and then assembled a full shirt in-front of the group.

Madam Chantal also gave a presentation on ' Aidant' worker status, another option for our refugee participants when looking for work. This status allows for refugees to work along side established independent workers. In the coming weeks our participants will begin meeting with some local tailors to negotiate working agreements.

At the end of the evening each participant received a certificate of performance, as well as a starter kit made including sewing machine (generously donated by Juki and Mertens service centre); a 97-piece sewing box, complete with thread, needles, pins and other accessories; sewing shears, a lint brush, and a cutting map. Overall, participants left feeling optimistic and enthusiastic. We can't wait to see what's in store for them, and we look forward to seeing next week's completion of the beautiful Phoebus Gown.