Sudan: Mapping Transitional Justice Strategies for Effective Democratic Transition

As Sudan continues its path toward transition, the question of a successful transitional justice process is now being explored. While there are different conceptions of transitional justice, and different notions for implementation, what is best for Sudan will need to be particularly sensitive to context and be supported with the help of the international community. That way there can be a process that both recognizes victims, and ensures that the political transition to democracy continues to strengthen.

Protests in Dar’a: The Cradle of Revolution Reignited

A new round of protests unfolded in Syria’s southern governorate of Dar’a, commonly referred to as the cradle of revolution, in mid-November 2019.

Leftover Landmine Kills School Children in Deir Ez-Zor: The Aftermath of the Islamic State

Earlier this week at Ibn Sina School, in al-Taybah, in the eastern Syrian province of Deir Ez-Zor a landmine exploded in the school courtyard.[1] Five children were reportedly killed from the attack and another 17 were injured.[2] The death toll could rise in the days following the attack, due to the number of children still in critical condition, according to hospital officials.[3] Unfortunately, incidents like this are not uncommon in many areas liberated from the Isla

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